Origami World

Origami World

Just imagine you can make something from nothing!

If you take a piece of paper and make some folds and creases you can make beautiful figures like a crane, a rose, a frog, and many many others.

Discover the ancient art of Origami. Learn how to fold amazing things in a few simple steps. Impress your friends, surprise your kids, make a gift to your parents with just a piece of paper and your skill.

  • Here you will find over a HUNDRED animated origami instructions.
  • Clear step-by-step 3D directions are so simple even KIDS will make beautiful origami.
  • There are different levels of difficulty. You can advance from simple to complex figures at your own pace.

No need to look for video instructions elsewhere. We provide you with the best Origami videos, and it’s included in the app.

Watch and learn with the Origami World!

Origami Example