Instructions for Lego

LEGO Instructions Instructions for LEGO toys

Are you up to making something new with your LEGO set? Make a toy your friends do not have. Here you will find:

  • Over 100 cool new models
  • Over 35 awesome video clips
  • TONS of fun

Use your old bricks and enjoy them all over again. See what games you can play with the new toys built with our App. Instructions for LEGO fans helps you make quality time with your friends, family, and kids. Play a video that shows how to have more fun with your existing toys or use a 3D preview guide to build something new. Simple and easy to follow Instructions are made of large step-by-step pictures.

No more loose LEGO bricks around the house. Put all of them to use!

All the instructions are divided into categories:

  • Star Wars battle ships, drones…
  • Minecraft creatures and heroes
  • Aircraft
  • Ships and Boats
  • Animals
  • Cars
  • Buildings
  • Robots
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